Will Exo Renew Their Contract

I am 100% (or at least 99%) sure that Suho and Baekhyun will renew. Exo expressed a desire to stay together no matter what, and Suho even said something like, “If it`s with SM or any other company, we`ll see.” I think SM will try to get them all to renew themselves because they are one of the best groups of SM. One of the members of the SeHun group replied that there is no possibility for EXO to break up next year, but due to their government`s rule, the group can be dissolved at any time between the years 2022-2025. There is no official announcement for this information, but it is clear that EXO will not be dissolved next year. After reading this short text, tell us what you think EXO will do? If I`m really missing something, please add it in the comments section. – Do you think they will be renewed after these 3 years, given that SM has shown that promotions never get better, but get worse? “There is still a long time before EXO`s contracts expire.” During an appearance on the Radio Star TV show, Chen was asked about EXO`s contract with SM. It was confirmed that members do not have the usual seven-year contract with their agency. Instead, EXO signed a 10-year contract with SM. Although the EXO member`s contracts do not expire until 2022, Radio Star advised MC and Mystic Entertainment CEO Yoon Jong Shin Chen to consider the possible extension as soon as possible.

He said Chen and his group mates can`t start thinking about it when 2022 comes. There have been rumors that the EXO D.O. member is not inclined to renew his contract with the label. SM Entertainment has already put an end to rumors that the 100 Days My Prince actor is considering leaving the company after his contract expires. SM claimed that the EXO member still had plenty of time for his contract, although the band recently celebrated its seventh anniversary. For his own career though. I`m not exo at all, but some members can`t renew the reduced possibilities? Unless they modify the contracts so that they have more advantages. I think they will all renew themselves. at least the majority of them “We still have time, so I want to spend that time doing what I want to do. I don`t have any stress because of our contract. -Which members are most likely to be renewed and which members are less likely (without laity)?-Do you think SM has shown signs that some members are treated differently from others, and do you think this might have to do with the fact that they are now more likely to renew in 1 year and 8 months? EXO has been working at SM Entertainment since its inception 7 years ago.

Rumors claimed that they had signed a 10-year contract at the time of their debut. Chen, a member of EXO, has finally settled speculation about the group`s contract with SM Entertainment. Chen revealed the details of his contract with the label and also gave an overview of renewal plans in the future. The rest will be renewed or negotiate many benefits for future contracts 1. EXO Chen appeared on Radio Star in early 2019 and confirmed that EXO signed his contracts on the same day, so their contracts will also end on the same day. The contracts were confirmed at 10 years based on information from the complaints of the 3 former exo members Kris, Luhan and Tao. Many K-pop fans assumed that contracts would be frozen during the convocation period, but that doesn`t seem to be the case from what Chen said. He also said he wasn`t stressed about the contract extension and wanted to do what he loves as much as possible. Host Yoon Jong Shin, CEO and artist, told Chen that he needs to start thinking about it now, not when this year comes. EXO appeared in the episode of “Radio Star” on December 4, sharing their thoughts on their future, their company and more. Before re-signing the contract between the artist and the company, fans often worry because it is also the time to decide if a band will continue together or lose some members or even worse disband.

Recently, information about exo and f(x) contracts has appeared on a number of websites that have caught the attention of many people. SM Entertainment confirmed that EXO has a longer contract than the usual 7 years when they eliminated rumors that D.O. was considering leaving after his contract expired. SM claimed that EXO still had plenty of time for his contract, even though 2019 was his 7th birthday. – Finally, why do you think EXO-SC doesn`t have much to promote, not even at live music and SM shows? Is that possible because they are among the members who have no reason to renew? 3. EXO only discussed their contract extension with each other, not with SM. Earlier, when Chen made an appearance on Radiostar and was asked to think about the extension, now not the renewal year, it seems that EXO talked about it among themselves, but didn`t even talk to SM about it in December 2019. During the show, they confirmed that they would stay together no matter what happened at SM or elsewhere with another company. Many at the time took Suho`s words talking about another company as an indication that members may not renew their contracts and perhaps sign with Lay`s studio, for example, which has a huge job and quality when it comes to commercial vehicles…